Privacy Policy

Royal Fassin B.V., hereinafter referred to as "Royal Fassin", attaches great importance to your privacy, respects the privacy of visitors of our website and treats personal data provided to us confidentially. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Contact details

Royal Fassin is the controller and has its offices at Ulenpasweg 8 (7041 GB) in ‘s -Heerenberg, the Netherlands. Telephone: +31(0)314 - 676211, e-mail: Please ask for Maikel Schadron.

To whom does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Policy applies to all persons of whom Royal Fassin processes data, with the exception of persons employed at Royal Fassin.

This Privacy Policy applies to:

  • customers of Royal Fassin;
  • prospective customers with whom Royal Fassin has made contact or intends to make contact;
  • visitors of the websites, LinkedIn accounts, Twitter accounts or Facebook accounts of Royal Fassin;
  • recipients of newsletters and commercial and other e-mails from Royal Fassin;
  • all other persons who contact Royal Fassin or of whom Royal Fassin processes personal data.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to employees, self-employed persons, temporary workers, interns, trainees and job applicants working or wanting to work for Royal Fassin.

What personal data do we process?

We process personal data you have provided to us, personal data generated during your visit of our website and when reading newsletters, and personal data we have obtained from other sources, such as social media platforms.

Personal data provided by you

  • contact details and other personal data necessary for the performance of a contract between you and Royal Fassin;
  • contact details and other personal data provided through contact forms or other web forms;
  • personal data obtained through or generated on our website, electronic newsletters, commercial e-mails or related technologies;
  • IP address;
  • your browsing behaviour on the website or linked websites, including but not limited to information on your first visit, previous visit and current visit, the visited pages and the manner in which you navigate on the website;
  • whether you open a newsletter or a commercial e-mail and what sections you select;
  • personal data obtained from other sources:
  • personal data available on public social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook;
  • personal data available on public websites.

Our website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites and social media buttons. We are not responsible for the content of those websites or the services of such websites and social media platforms. Nor is Royal Fassin responsible for the privacy policy and the use of cookies on those websites and social media platforms.

What do we use your personal data for?

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • the performance of a contract in which you have ordered Royal Fassin to deliver goods. If you enter into a contract with Royal Fassin, you have to at least provide your contact details. Other personal data may be required as well for the performance of the contract;
  • compliance with legal obligations;
  • maintaining contact with you. Your contact details are kept in our customer system and may be used – with your explicit consent – for sending newsletters, invitations to events, other information of interest and information that you have requested;
  • improvement of our product and service information and targeted marketing campaigns. We find it important to approach you with information that is relevant to you. To make this possible, we combine and analyse the personal data available to us. On that basis we determine what information and channels are relevant and what are the best times to provide information or to establish contact. We do not process any special personal data for marketing campaigns. We will need to ask your prior consent if we want to create a personal, individual customer profile. You can always withdraw this consent at a later time.

Royal Fassin analyses the following data

  • interaction data: Personal data obtained from contact between Royal Fassin and you, for example about your use of our website or supported applications. This also applies to offline interactions, such as how often there is contact between Royal Fassin and you;
  • behavioural data: Personal data that Royal Fassin processes about your behaviour, such as your preferences, opinions, wishes and needs. We can derive this data from your surfing behaviour on our website, reading of our newsletters or because you have requested information. But also through incoming telephone calls and e-mail contact with our employees. We only collect and use information obtained through tracking cookies with your consent, which you can always withdraw. Please refer to our cookie statement;
  • customer satisfaction data: We perform and analyse customer satisfaction surveys. We may ask customers to cooperate in a survey through an online questionnaire. Participation in this is voluntary. Prior to each client satisfaction survey you will receive further information about the working method and how we handle the information obtained;
  • improving and securing our websites and;
  • user statistics: The user statistics of the website allow us to get a picture of the number of visitors, the duration of the visit, which pages of the website are being viewed and the clicking behaviour. It concerns generic reports, without information about individuals. We use the information obtained to improve the website.

Legal grounds for the processing

We process personal data based on one of the following legal grounds:

  • consent;
  • performance of a contract or steps prior to entering into a contract;
  • compliance with a legal obligation;
  • a legitimate interest.

A controller may only process personal data if this can be based on one of the legal grounds set out exhaustively in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The four legal grounds Royal Fassin relies on are:

  • consent: if we have requested your consent to process your personal data and you have given this consent, you are always entitled to withdraw this consent;
  • performance of a contract or steps prior to entering into a contract: if you enter into a contract with us, we process personal data if and insofar as this is necessary for the performance of the contract;
  • compliance with a legal obligation;
  • a legitimate interest: we may also process personal data if we have a legitimate interest and do not disproportionately infringe on your privacy.


We may use service providers (processors) for the processing of your personal data which solely process your personal data based on our instructions. We will conclude a processor agreement with these processors which meets the requirements laid down in the GDPR. We, for example, use IT service providers that provide support to the safe and stable operation of our systems. We also make use of third-party services to send newsletters and commercial e-mails. These are examples of parties that can be considered processors within the meaning of the GDPR.

Sharing personal data with third parties

Royal Fassin only provides personal data to third parties if this is necessary to provide our services or to comply with a legal obligation. Personal data may also be provided to third parties in the event of a reorganisation or merger of our company or the sale of (part of) our company. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.

Transfer outside the EEA

It may be necessary to transfer your personal data to parties located outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
Under the GDPR personal data may only be transferred to parties outside the EEA if an adequate data protection level is guaranteed or if a specific deviation applies.
We may transfer personal data to a party outside the EEA if this is necessary for the performance of the contract.

How does Royal Fassin protect your data?

Royal Fassin is committed to the protection of your data. You want your data to be in safe hands and you do not want it to be made public. This is why Royal Fassin has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to warrant that your data is adequately protected and will only be processed for specific purposes. For the security of your data, Royal Fassin has taken account of the processing risks of your data, especially resulting from loss or unlawful use of your data. Royal Fassin applies inter alia the following measures:

  • Royal Fassin has many intercommunicating systems. If data is sent from one system to another, this is done in a secure and controlled manner;
  • only Royal Fassin employees who need this for the performance of their job have access to your data for specific purposes;
  • Royal Fassin logs the use of your data by its employees, to be able to monitor what happens;
  • third parties that need access to your data are obliged to take appropriate technical and organisational measures and impose a duty of confidentiality on their employees;
  • Royal Fassin protects its systems against malware, viruses, cryptoware and hacking software;
  • Royal Fassin deploys the latest technologies to warrant the availability and security of its systems;
  • Royal Fassin ensures that its software and other technologies are up-to-date;
  • Royal Fassin regularly performs automated security scans on its websites and systems.

Data leaks

If a personal data breach (data leak) has occurred, Royal Fassin is obliged to report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) within 72 hours after having become aware of this, unless the data leak is unlikely to result in a risk to your rights and freedoms. If the data leak is likely to result in a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we are obliged to notify you of the data leak as well. A data leak has occurred if data is lost as a result of a security incident (such as the theft of a laptop or a hack in our systems) or if Royal Fassin cannot reasonably rule out unlawful processing of data. Whether or not a data leak has actually occurred depends on all circumstances of the specific case.
If it involves no more than an unfortunate weak spot in our security, this concerns a security leak and not a data leak. In that case, Royal Fassin does not, in principle, have to report to the Dutch DPA. Of course, Royal Fassin will stop a security leak as soon as possible after having become aware of this. Should you become aware of a (possible) security or data leak at Royal Fassin, we ask you to report this immediately by sending an e-mail to

If you have questions about your personal data

Pursuant to the law each person can exercise certain rights in relation to their personal data. You have the right to access, rectification and erasure of your personal data. You can also object to the use of your data or request to restrict the use. In certain cases, you can even request your data to be transmitted to another party. If you have any questions, please contact Mr M. Schadron via +31(0)314 - 676211, e-mail:


If you feel that, in your opinion, Royal Fassin does not handle your data with due care and confidentiality, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If you have any complaints about the way in which we handle your personal data, you can, of course, also contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling +31(0)314 - 676211 (please ask for Mr M. Schadron). We will be happy to help you find a solution. If this proves to be unsuccessful, you can always contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can appeal to the court.


Do you have any questions and/or comments on how Royal Fassin handles your personal data? Please contact Royal Fassin.


Developments are fast and as a result there may also be some changes in the personal data we request from you and the way in which we use your personal data. Regulations may also be amended. In that case, we will change this Privacy Policy. We advise you to regularly check the Privacy Policy to stay informed. In the event of major changes, we will inform you via our website. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy is always available at and