When it comes to extruded confectionery...

Every great innovation is created from industry leading technologies or knowledge. Find out how we changed the international confectionery-landscape, transforming and applying extrusion technology. Making Royal Fassin the one and only specialist in extruded confectionery.
Extrusion specialist

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Royal Fassin old factory

Royal Fassin : 113 years of Sweetness


Royal Fassin Factory

What do we Produce?

  • Sticks


  • Belts


  • Laces


  • Filled Sticks

    Filled Sticks

The Royal Dutch title

We received the Royal Dutch title during our 100th anniversary in 2010. To us, royalty comes with great responsibility. Or at least a purposeful corporate strategy, strongly value driven and always aiming for durability.

Our values

Working at Royal Fassin

If you’re interested in an enticing job at a regal family business, you should check out our vacancies. Click the button below for our Dutch ‘Werken bij’-website.

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Who do we Produce for?

If you’re a distributor, retailer or marketer of sweets and confectionary looking for a production partner, we're the perfect choice. Let's see how we can help each other. You know markets and we know production: how about we join forces and fascinate the world together?


Private Label / Retailer Brand

Supermarket and retail chains benefit from our 100+ years' experience. We produce private labels that bring worldwide taste and joy. We would like to help you too.


Distributor Brand

Please contact us if you’re a distributor or a producer who would like to benefit from our extrusion-expertise and production capacity.




Export Territories


Years of Experience


State-of-the-art plants