When it comes to extruded confectionery...

Every great innovation is created from industry leading technologies or knowledge. Find out how we changed the international confectionery-landscape, transforming and applying extrusion technology. Making Royal Fassin the one and only specialist in extruded confectionery.
Extrusion specialist

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Royal Fassin at ISM trade fair

Royal Fassin at the ISM 

From 2 till 5 February 2020 Royal Fassin attented the number one trade fair for sweets and snacks: ISM in Cologne, Germany. It'll been the 50th anniversary for ISM, but also for us as exhibitor. ISM has been part of almost half of Royal Fassin's life. 

Royal Fassin at ISM trade fair

What do we Produce?

  • Sticks


  • Belts


  • Laces


  • Filled Sticks

    Filled Sticks

The Royal Dutch title

We received the Royal Dutch title during our 100th anniversary in 2010. To us, royalty comes with great responsibility. Or at least a purposeful corporate strategy, strongly value driven and always aiming for durability.

Our values

Who do we Produce for?

If you’re a distributor, retailer or marketer of sweets and confectionary looking for a production partner, we're the perfect choice. Let's see how we can help each other. You know markets and we know production: how about we join forces and fascinate the world together?


Private Label / Retailer Brand

Supermarket and retail chains benefit from our 100+ years' experience. We produce private labels that bring worldwide taste and joy. We would like to help you too.


Distributor Brand

Please contact us if you’re a distributor or a producer who would like to benefit from our extrusion-expertise and production capacity.




Export Territories


Years of Experience


State-of-the-art plants

Our Own Brands

Our Fascini-assortment contains own brands which we proudly produce and market. It’s also a way of showing how Royal Fassin can fulfill your producing, branding and packaging needs. Please take a look at our brands below.