Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family business we understand the importance of ‘family’. It’s a universal core value which is actually strongly intertwined with our company values. When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility we support both local and global initiatives. Family is what binds these initiatives. 


We actively support Bergh in het Zadel: a bicycle tour that raises money for the Dutch Cancer Society. This organisation is determined to beat cancer as soon as possible. Every family is affected by this horrible disease. Needless to say that Bergh in het Zadel lies close to our company heart. 


On a global scale we support SOS Children's Villages. Their mission is to create families for children who lost their parents or don’t have a safe home anymore. The foundation believes that a safe home, a loving mother, brothers and sisters are essential for the physical, mental and emotional development of a child.

SOS Children's Villages

“We visited two SOS Children's Villages and it was wonderful to see how these children’s villages made a difference. I decided that our company would support SOS Children's Villages.” – Thomas Fassin. 

Rood snoephart Royal Fassin

Sheltered workshops

Within our facility we created a space for disadvantaged people. It’s our goal to do whatever we can to make people feel valuable and part of society.

Responsible product

A responsible product

Yes, we are into candy. Sweets and confectionery leave our factory to be consumed in more than 60 countries worldwide. You may wonder where the responsibility fits in? In the first place: it’s all about ingredients and moderation. You won’t find artificial colours and flavours in our products. Also, non-GMO and gelatine-free (only the filled sticks contain just a minimal amount). Our Research & Development department knows exactly how to balance between fun, taste, excitement on one side and health and responsibility on the other. Our own brand Back to the Fruits is proof. 

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