As a production specialist in extruded confectionery, we primarily produce for respected international distributors and retailers.  We also cooperate with (food) producers who outsource the production of sweets and confectionery to us. Benefiting from our extrusion know-how and production lines.

Learn more about how this co-manufacturing principle will help you further. We would also like to share our R&D efforts and our view on Quality Management.
Private label - extrusion

Extrusion Specialist

Finding focus worked well. Learn more about ‘that thing’ that sets us apart.

private label - quality management

Quality Management

Here’s how we guarantee quality, safety and health. See for yourself.

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Expect co-developed confectionary from our R&D team.


Private Label

We produce sweets that you’ll successfully market as private label.


Distributor brand

Let’s join forces, shape your recipe and fascinate the world together.