Our values

Royal Fassin is a proud value driven family business since 1910. Through the decades several milestones crossed our path, evolving us into the true specialist in extruded fruit gum and liquorice products. 

In 2010 the ‘royal’ signature was awarded to us on behalf of the Queen of the Netherlands. To us, this is more than a title. It represents a strong sense of long-term vision, confidence, reliability, social responsibility and engagement. Royalty will therefore always resonate in our values. 

Value driven

Stay amazed, be passionate and get fascinated

We have a PASSION for confectionery which creates many happy occasions. As we’ve been doing this for quite a while, there’s always a chance that doing what we do becomes ‘the norm’ to us. Then it’s time to share some fun.

our values - planet

Local and global contributions

RESPECT for people and planet is in our DNA. Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint concern both product and production process. Also charity is part of this important value.

To the root of innovation

Adaptations to a changing environment and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is our goal. Research and development is key in this process and centrally positioned in our organisation. 

our values - innovation
our values - relationship

How to build long term relationships

INDEPENDENCY gives us freedom of action and makes us think in generations instead of next months. This is also how we view relationships with all our stakeholders, including our customers.