Extrusion specialist

We were the first manufacturer to use continuous extrusion technology to produce confectionery. It all started in 1975. We transformed extrusion confectionery technology from knowledge of the plastic industry. We self-developed a production line that’s continuously improved through the decades. This innovative has given us a unique position as a specialist player in the confectionery market.

In 2004 we put extrusion technology to the test. We had fun with a challenge from the Guinness book of records: we made the longest belt ever, measuring 2004 meters (that's more than 22 football pitches!). 

One of a kind

"We chose and mastered the craft we are most passionate about."

Number one in extrusion

By focusing exclusively on extruder technology, we are unique. For consumers, retailers, distributors or producers we offer a wide range of the very best confectionery:

  • Sticks


  • Belts


  • Laces


  • Filled Sticks

    Filled Sticks

A royal conversation

If you look for a partner to create a distributor brand or a Private Label or retailer brand, we would be pleased to meet you and explore the possibilities. 

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Extrusion specialist