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We approach your needs for creating a distributor brand the same way as Private Labels. The starting point is always co-development. We offer the extrusion technology, the know-how and the production capacity. You get to distribute and market top-class extruded sweets and confectionery. We consider this a win-win situation. A collaboration that brings colour and sweetness to the world

R&D's relation to co-development

When it comes to co-development, R&D plays a significant role.

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Private label - extrusion

Extrusion Specialist

Finding focus worked well. Learn more about ‘that thing’ that sets us apart.

private label - our products

Our products

We’d like to share some sweetness with you. Meet our sweets and confectionery.

private label - about us

Our values

Find out more about the values that guide our decision making and strategies.

Let's talk first

Co-manufacturing is the main driver of the long-lasting relationships with our partners. Yet they all started with a first contact. 

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