Get Fascinated

Dear Reader, Welcome to our first issue of “Get Fascinated’! We are the third generation working in our independent family business, established by Joseph Langenberg and our grandfather Xaver Fassin in 1910. We are passionate about what we do: offering top quality sweets and fruit snacks. Together with our dedicated team, we offer the best quality products with the best service. Our aim is to continuously improve and challenge ourselves to create new opportunities. As a family company, we respond fast to a changing environment and are renowned for our flexibility. We are proud to say that we have many long-term partnerships with our stakeholders. This reflects the importance we attach to having a good relationship with our partners and everyone working with us. The Queen acknowledged our values and hard work on our 100th anniversary by awarding us the title “Royal’. We proudly added this title to our company name because “Royal” stands for a long-term vision, confidence, reliability and a strong sense of social responsibility and engagement. We hope we have sparked your interest in our company and products! Enjoy reading our story in our magazine! Patricia Fassin and Thomas Fassin Royal Fassin BV Royal Fassin 3