Fascinating the world together

2 Royal Fassin Dear reader, We have a common goal. We both strive for successful partnerships and – ultimately – to fascinate many enthusiastic candy lovers. Our new slogan, ‘Fascinating the world together’, clearly shows our vision and mission. We aim to fascinate the world with high-quality products and smart innovations. Our aim is to achieve this with our partners. Royal Fassin was founded in 1910 as a family business – and that is what it remains to this day. We are the third generation working in our independent Dutch company. On our 100th anniversary the company received the Royal predicate. This recognition stands for long-term vision, confidence, reliability and a strong social responsibility and engagement. Looking to the future, we believe that continuous development and innovation are necessary to maintain our leading position. Therefore, we continue to work hard on our ambition to become the most sustainable extruded candy producer in the world. Join us on our sustainable journey!