Get Fascinated 2020

Our brands WE EXPORT TO MORE THAT 50 COUNTRIES AND ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES WITH STRATEGIC PARTNERS. Please allow us to introduce our brands, distributed under the ‘Fascini’ umbrella brand. The name Fascini is a combination of the original family name and the word ‘fascination’. The Fascini assortment serves markets where private labels play a less relevant role. In large sweet-eating countries we usually team up with partners to create their own strong Private Label or distributor brand. SHIFT TO SOUR Trust us on this one: “The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.” We’re the inventor of Sweet & Sour candies. The year 1985 in our milestones tells you more about this radical shift in taste. (CR)EAT(E) For those who like to get creative: meet our brand Creatables. This treat is definite- ly a nice treat. Many children can’t resist to create their own bracelet with Creatables. And then it takes perseverance not to start eating their new jewellery. Back to the fruits No artificial colours or flavours and gela- tine free. That’s the essence of Back to the fruits. 40 Royal Fassin