Get Fascinated 2020

2 Royal Fassin 110 YEARS ROYAL FASSIN ROYAL FASSIN, FOUNDED IN 1910 AND ESTABLISHED IN ’S-HEERENBERG IN THE NETHERLANDS, HAS BEEN A CANDY FAMILY BUSINESS FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS. TODAY, ROYAL FASSIN IS THE SPECIALIST IN THE FIELD OF EXTRUDED CANDY. Having been in business for many years with traditional black liquorice products, the big breakthrough for our company started in the seventies, when Fassin was the first manufacturer worldwide to apply extrusion technology for making fruit gum products. Over the years the technology has been continuously optimised which has led to the highest expertise and quality market leadership in this category. Introducing extruded fruit gum products was simultaneously the start of expansion and export to other countries. Another important milestone for Royal Fassin was the introduction of the sour-sugar coating for fruit gum products in 1985. This new taste experience was a huge success around the world. It created a new trend which is still of great importance. The invention of sour products branded as “Sour Power” resulted in an important growth of our company. In 1991 a new state of the art factory was built in ’s-Heerenberg. The shape of the striking corner tower formed the silhouette of the new factory and subsequently our neighbours began to refer to the building as the “Candy Castle”. In 2000 Royal Fassin was the first company to introduce an individually wrapped sour product on the market, the Sour Power Fruit Flavoured Belt. In the following years, not only sour but also sweet and uncoated products like Creatables® were invented. Creatables® is a product that has won many awards because of its quality and innovative character. In 2005 we decided to change the umbrella brand name from “Candy Castle” to “Fascini”. The name of our Fascini brand is a combination of the original family name and the word ‘fascination’. Fascination is our aim and ‘Get fascinated’ our mission. Royal Fassin’s products nowadays fascinate people in more than 50 countries worldwide. The largest proportion of our production is exported and distributed by the best trading partners in their countries and respective distribution channels. Besides distributing our own Fascini products, we manufacture for professional and international partners under their own brands. Furthermore we produce private label products for large supermarket chains. In 2016 we started a second production location in ‘s-Heerenberg. With the outstanding quality products, a great level of innovation and intense partnerships it is our intention to grow further as a family business.