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Royal Fassin 11 IN 2010 WE WERE AWARDED & HONORED TO RECEIVE THE ROYAL TITLE FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT AND PROCESS IMPROVEMENT IN SUGAR CONFECTIONERY. This title is awarded to a Dutch company which meets the following requirements: • The company is checked regularly on criteria, such as continuity, size of the company, exclusivity, originality of the products and many more aspects. • The company needs te be well know nationwide and must have an international character. • The company must have a high level of social responsibility and should at least be in business for 100 years. The Fassin Family and its enthusiastic and professional team are honoured to have received this Royal appointment, now reflected in the company name: Royal Fassin. “Above all, I think that the Royal Dutch title has given us a lot of confidence,” says Thomas Fassin. “We always tell our clients that we’ve been in business for 110 years and that we received the Royal Dutch title to ‘crown’ our centenary, of which we are very proud. Both our 110 year history and our Royal Dutch title give our clients the confidence that Royal Fassin is a solid, reliable, family-owned company, which is good to do business with. Even our employees, who requested the predicate and who gave it to us as a surprise on our 100 year anniversary, are very proud of the Royal title.” ROYAL SWEETNESS PROUD