Royal Fassin catalogue 2020

Create your own wooollie! What do you need? Carton Round cup Pencil Scissor String / yarn Eatable eyes 75g laces 1. Draw two circles on the carton with a small circle in the middle and cut them out. Put the two “rings” on top of each other. 2. Turn the lace around the ring. 3. Keep repeating until the hole is too small for 1 lace. 4. Search for the carton in between. Split the cartons, in order to cut between the two rings of carton. 5. Get the string, slide it between the two rings and tie the string together. 6. Remove the 2 carton rings by cutting them 7. Attach the eyes, and there is your wooollie ! You can make a whole Wooollie family :) DIY Royal Fassin 15